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VPN Connection via LTE

If your company is headquartered in a rural area, you would you like to use the LTE mobile technology to create a fast, secure Internet connection. If you are dealing with the problem of a non-existent public IP address, you would still like to connect your sites quickly and easily via your VPN network and LTE. Our ViPNet VPN software allows you to solve these problems easily and cost-effectively.

Problem: No Public IP Address at the Main Production Site

When you connect sites or individual users to a VPN, there currently is a drawback for the LTE mobile technology: the main site lacks a public IP address. Unfortunately, only private IP addresses are currently provided, even with the mobile provider's business rates.

The Solution: a Production Site Accessible from the Internet

You can work around this problem by using ViPNet VPN. You will need an additional location directly accessible from the Internet. It depends whether a virtual server you use is in a data center or in another location that is connected to the Internet via a public IP address on the Internet. A server component called ‘ViPNet Coordinator,’ which takes over the role of a ‘switchboard,’ will be installed at this location. ViPNet Coordinator can be installed on any platform, either as a virtual appliance in a virtual environment or on a standard computer running Windows OS.

You install the ViPNet Client software on the endpoints that are connected to the VPN, for example, a server at the main production site, desktop PCs in the branch offices, or laptops. IT specialists must define explicitly the routes to be secured. No special filters or port forwarding is required for the network resources behind the LTE routers that must be externally accessible.

Your Advantage: a Fast, Uncomplicated Site Connection via VPN and LTE

As soon as an Internet connection for an endpoint is established, communication with a remote location is already encrypted and the user does not have to establish a VPN connection by himself or herself. This is possible thanks to the use of symmetric encryption keys. This allows the ViPNet VPN and LTE connections to be significantly faster and more stable than IPSec connections (as an example), for which asymmetric encryption keys are used. Our technology is completely transparent for all applications and network services, as the whole TCP/IP traffic is encrypted. ViPNet VPN is an exclusively software-based technology. Therefore, a scalable VPN can be established even in a topology with LTE locations without interrupting the services running.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • A fast and uncomplicated site connection
  • No dependence on the ISP
  • No investments in additional hardware
  • Transparency for all applications, IP protocols, and network services
  • Investment protection with unlimited scalability
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