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Security of Critical Infrastructures

With expanding networks and global automation, cyber-attack risks are increasingly growing. Attacks on critical infrastructures are a topical issue as they can lead to severe consequences for the economy, society, and government. Due to a strong mutual dependence in various industries, this can result in supply shortages of water, energy, food, health services, ICT or transport and communications. In case of failures of comprehensive information systems, the consequences could damage all sectors of critical infrastructures. 

ViPNet for critical infrastructure

Just as you can easily find our website using a search engine, industrial systems’ weak points that exist in critical infrastructures can be found with just a little effort on the Internet (e.g. using special search engines such as Shodan). 

It is also not unusual that process control and automation systems remain in operation even though malware is present. A shutdown of systems and machines imposes high costs and revenue losses. All these factors complicate the protection of industrial control systems and critical infrastructures.

IT security policy for attacks on critical infrastructures

In accordance with the IT Security Law for Germany, operators of critical infrastructures are obliged to comply with the minimum standard of IT security. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) should be informed of any security incidents. To protect the critical infrastructures and ensure their availability, energy providers, water utilities, public utilities, maintenance, and service providers must take action urgently.

ViPNet technology for highly reliable critical infrastructures

Infotecs backs you up in improving the security of control systems in all new sectors of critical infrastructures as specified by the BSI and the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK). With our ViPNet for Critical Infrastructure solution, you will be able to ensure secure access to sensitive control systems in critical infrastructures in various industries all over the world. The solution encrypts industrial data traffic and protects it from interception by unauthorized users. Along with the highest level of protection against cyber espionage, ViPNet for Critical Infrastructure allows a cost-efficient and quick implementation. This software and hardware solution can be integrated seamlessly into the existing network infrastructure and works in remote and extreme environments.

ViPNet for Critical Infrastructure

Advantages and features

  • Secure remote access to sensitive network areas, e.g., industrial control systems
  • Secure connections to remote hosts
  • Comprehensive solution for modern systems and interconnected industrial gateways that allow integrating old systems into state-of-the-art network infrastructures without additional investment
  • Work under extreme conditions (dust, oil, water, wind, extremely high or low temperature etc.)
  • Complete solution for all levels of the SCADA pyramid
  • Authentication and access control according to the job functions and responsibilities of employees
  • Secure isolation of the production network from the SCADA infrastructure
  • VPN, next-generation firewall and intrusion detection system (IDS)
  • Separation of subnets (VLANs) by cryptographic filtering
  • Defense-in-Depth principle
  • Compliance with major industrial regulations

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