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For more than 20 years Infotecs has provided information and network security solutions that offer flexibility, user-friendliness, safety, and reliability.

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The "Do-it-Yourself" VPN software solution 

ViPNet Products and Solutions are multi-OS software-based security solution with features that go far beyond other Virtual Private Networks. The unique cross-platform flexibility of ViPNet technology supports VPN configurations that encompass mobile users, highly secure virtual departments, peer-to-peer connections and unlimited scalability.

ViPNet Products and Solutions is a software-based solution, and can be installed quickly and easily on virtually any network without any additional hardware, and without interruption to existing business processes.  

ViPNet provides complete network and end point protection and protects against Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks and Insider Threats. It supports mobile and BYOD by providing secure and reliable remote access to corporate data. The ViPNet solution is scalable, flexible and centrally managed.  The high degree of automated management significantly reduces effort, time & cost to implement and maintain the solution. 

Advantages at a glance…

  • Unique Peer-to-Peer Approach
  • Innovative symmetric key management system
  • Seamless adaptation to existing networks 
  • Software defined VPN, No additional hardware required       
  • Secure access to all corporate resources (CRM, CMS, ERP, Intranet, etc.) 
  • Unlimited scalability 
  • Secures Cloud Data 
  • Secure Mobile with seamless reconnections and easy, stable roaming
  • Flexible, Scalable, Cost Effective
  • VPN client includes integrated firewall

ViPNet Products and Solutions overview

ViPNet Manager

Create keys and configure your ViPNet network. Includes an intelligent wizard for rapid, error-free network setup.

ViPNet Coordinator for Windows

The Windows-based ViPNet Coordinator performs the server function for the secure network, providing tunneling, firewall, address management and transport. It operates as a central contact and switching point for all clients. 

ViPNet Client

ViPNet Client protects end-users' PCs and mobile devices. Client secures data on the device, protects all IP-based communications in or out including browser-based communications, and in addition includes a suite of proprietary security applications: secure voice and mail, instant mess messenger and file exchange. ViPNet Client is available for Windows, MacOS and Android.

ViPNet StateWatcher

ViPNet StateWatcher provides real-time access to network activity, creates event logs and supports e-mail and SMS-based notification of any frequency desired. 

ViPNet Policy Manager

Configure the rules of the network: whether it's determining which users have access to which data, who can communicate with whom, Policy Manager provides granular control of communications and access.

The solution that suits everyone: example configurations: 

Use ViPNet SUITE to deploy


… a tunneling solution to securely connect different locations


… a security solution that protects informations within multiple LANs, while simultaneously supporting remote access and mobile workers.



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