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ViPNet StateWatcher

Version: 4.3.0(569)

Centralized Network Monitoring and Reporting System

Your duty as an administrator or an IT engineer is to keep an eye on the entire corporate network and to react immediately to critical events. We can facilitate the monitoring and managing your VPN.

The ViPNet StateWatcher software solution allows you to avoid failures and decrease of performance in the most important systems. It is designed for centralized monitoring of the objects, which belong to the network based on the ViPNet technology. ViPNet StateWatcher notifies you immediately about events and critical situations on your network according to the pre-defined rules.

ViPNet StateWatcher Advantages

  • Monitoring within the protected environment
  • Immediate notification about events and critical situations (via ViPNet Business Mail, email, SMS, visual and audio notifications)
  • Customized events and severity level
  • Monitoring up to 200 parameters
  • Dynamic adaptation to the network topology
  • Low system load during polling
  • ViPNet encryption technology

Components and Features 

ViPNet StateWatcher includes the following components:

  • Monitoring server
  • Monitoring Web Access

The monitoring server software collects, processes, and stores information about your ViPNet network health. For this, ViPNet StateWatcher controls the network objects’ status changes, which are crucial for the functioning of endpoints. All in all, the network administrators can monitor up to 200 parameters, such as load on CPU, external devices, and RAM.

By using the pre-defined or customized rules in the monitoring server software, you can evaluate the status of particular ViPNet hosts. The monitoring server stores all the collected data in its own database. This allows you to be aware of the entire VPN health without much effort.

Monitoring Web Access can serve both as an administrator workstation and a multi-user terminal of the monitoring system.




ViPNet StateWatcher at a Glance

ViPNet StateWatcher allows you to observe the entire network at a glance, namely, to watch the status of the network objects, analyse, and react in accordance with the specified rules.

This event management and reporting system functions within the protected environment: the ViPNet VPN solution is organized at a secure level, within which the monitored hosts connect to each other and exchange messages.



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