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For more than 20 years Infotecs has been developing IT security solutions characterized by flexibility, user-friendliness and maximum reliability.

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ViPNet Password Generator


Create secure and at the same time easy-to-remember passwords using ViPNet Password Generator


ViPNet Password Generator

ViPNet Password Generator

Version 4.1.1 (21539)

Secure Passwords — Easily Made

Both for your email account and various online services (for instance, online banking), you need passwords that are, on one hand, long enough to provide high security level and, on the other hand, are easy to remember.

The ViPNet Password Generator has been developed in order to create such easy-to-remember and secure passwords based on special password phrases. At the same time, with ViPNet Password Generator, you can create random numeric passwords.

ViPNet Password Generator Features

  • Adjustable number of words in a passphrase
  • Customizable password length
  • Grammatically correct sentence used as a passphrase
  • Support for several languages
  • Option to choose the most convenient passphrase
  • Generation of random numeric passwords (PIN codes)
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface

How it Works

Random Passwords Based on Passphrases

A password with many random symbols is very difficult to remember. ViPNet Password Generator generates a phrase, from which a password is built. You can use a passphrase as a mnemonic way to memorize your password. You can generate it in English, German, Spanish, French or Portuguese. A passphrase is a grammatically well-structured sentence with the words randomly chosen from specified dictionaries. The passphrase may include either three (subject, predicate and object) or four words (attribute, subject, predicate and object) exactly in the given order. You can also create a password from two passphrases.

For example, when you create a password based on an English passphrase that consists of four words and the first three letters from each word used for password generation, then the password may look like:

Password — 51 PigJolHapMac

Passphrase — 51 Piggy Jollifies Happy Mackerel

ViPNet Password Generator is now available in the version 4.1.1. Read more about all improvements in the official press release.


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