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Infotecs develops and markets security solutions, which make your everyday work more flexible, simple and, above all, safer than ever before.

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Personal contact and close cooperation with our sales partners and customers are very important to us. This enables us to successfully develop our products and to create individual, tailor-made solutions that generate the greatest benefit to end users.


What our customers say

"in2comp specializes in speech recognition solutions for medical offices, hospitals, and law firms. We implement Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking solution for our clients to optimize workflow and to help them comply with law requirements pertaining to data documentation.

As we are a service provider, supporting our clients in problem solving, we were looking for a VPN access solution to connect to our clients’ systems that would meet special requirements for speech transfer quality. Some of the solutions that we tested lost data packets when transferring speech, and the packets needed to be sent again. This dramatically impaired speech quality.

We finally opted for the VPN access solution developed by Infotecs (Berlin) due to its really short delays during data and speech transfer. Another important advantage of this solution is that it doesn’t require any modifications in the client’s network infrastructure on the VPN routers for establishing a secure remote connection."
Boris Krstic, CEO in2comp
NET Windenergie GmbH
"The NET Group currently operates 19 wind energy plants with a total power of 31,000 kW and several photovoltaic plants. The total annual energy output of the wind energy plants stands at about 70 million kWh, which is enough to supply ecological electrical power to about 20,000 households. Our wind farms are controlled 24/7 by IP video cameras, which provides for visual surveillance of wind power plants and helps us, the operator, comply with security requirements.

Since only 3G and 4G LTE mobile communication is available in the wind farm areas, we faced a challenge of establishing a stable and reliable VPN channel to the IP surveillance cameras. This proved very hard for us, because end point IP addresses that are necessary in VPN tunnels cannot be easily assigned in LTE networks.

With Infotecs‘s ViPNet VPN, we were able to solve this problem without having to modify our existing network infrastructure. The solution was installed quickly and without any difficulties. In so doing, our employees are able to access video images from the IP cameras in real time on their mobile iOS end devices with end-to-end encryption. No modifications were required for pre-installed mobile apps."
Michel Michaelis, IT Chief at NET Windenergie GmbH
Baden-Württembergischer Genossenschaftsverband (BWGV)
"The ViPNet technology meets all essential requirements, such as the highest level of protection of our data, using extremely robust encryption. Furthermore, ViPNet is also able to secure communication on mobile end devices such as  smartphones and tablets, which was another reason for this technology. We involved different departments and business units at an early stage to participate in the pilot phase, especially the tests of the VPN clients, and to receive feedback from the users. Especially because of the fast and easy implementation of configuration changes during that time, user acceptance was really high. Also the excellent and quick support was a pleasant surprise for us. The Infotecs team was able to provide us with an individual solution as soon as possible."
Thomas van Helt, Head of Network/Security at Baden-Württembergischer Genossenschaftsverband (BWGV)

Read more: Download the success story as PDF
"PHONiUM GmbH, a specialized provider of enterprise communications, is the interface between the telecommunications company, network operators and service providers. Our employees must always react quickly and eliminate service disruptions around the clock. Since the change from ISDN to IP telephony, the D-channel, which is frequently used for maintenance access to the telephone system, is no longer available.

In order to have secure and cost-effective access to our customers' communication systems, we decided to use ViPNet VPN. Our technicians can be put on hold, waiting for customer equipment to be ready, using a tablet and secure VPN connection. An end-to-end encrypted VPN channel can be set up in minutes, without the need to change the customer’s network infrastructure. Furthermore, ViPNet technology and its software components provide a certified security standard due to the highly secure symmetric key management."
Thomas Posadzy, Head of Technology PHONiUM GmbH
it-visual GmbH
"The ability of lawyers to have a secure, encrypted connection to our central document management system has allowed our customers to make their employees communication more efficient. Patent attorneys have a stable and secure connection at any location, regardless of whether they are connected to a hotel wireless LAN, a customer using a 3G or 4G network or the company through its internal network. Lawyers can react very quickly to varying customer requirements."
Martin Runge, CEO of it-visual GmbH

Read more: Download the success story as PDF

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