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Secure Remote Maintenance in the All-IP Era
Neukirchen/Berlin, March 06, 2017 – ITAS AG, a technology partner and supplier for systems integrators, presents its brand new solution, ITAS.MC, developed in cooperation with Infotecs, a provider of IT security solutions. ITAS.MC, which is a cooperatively developed management solution deployed in the cloud, enables secure remote maintenance of communication systems.

The all-IP technology progress can no longer be held back. Deutsche Telekom is gradually switching from the ISDN to the IP telephony. The D-channel that has been used with the ISDN and the traditional dial-up connections often used for remote maintenance access to the telephone systems are no longer available. All providers of the telecommunication or EMA/BMA systems are now facing the challenge of arranging secure and cost-efficient access to such systems.

The special distributor presented ITAS.MC, the brand new solution of ITAS AG, to its partners in December. Since then, the first friendly users of ITAS.MC have been conducting lots of tests. With this cooperatively developed management cloud solution, telecommunications systems providers and other distribution partners can now access communication systems, infrastructure, and peripherals of all their clients without problems and without having to make changes to the network infrastructure on site, such as, for example, port forwarding. For that purpose, ITAS offers a preconfigured multi-client plug-and-play solution that can be integrated into the reseller's or client's network infrastructure within a few minutes and without significant costs.

ITAS.MC uses the credit card sized Raspberry Pi mini PC as a fully functional VPN gateway with an integrated firewall. For maximum security, the solution employs ViPNet VPN, the encryption solution from the partner company, Infotecs. The ViPNet technology provides a military-grade security level due to its highly secure key management. ViPNet completely blocks attacks of cyber criminals, such as man-in-the-middle or insider threats.

To make the transition to the new technology as smooth as possible, ITAS AG offers its customers a monthly subscription service model. The subscription package includes the hardware, the software with the system maintenance, and some space on the cloud server. For partners willing to operate the service on their own, a starter bundle is available.

To implement the work-on-the-go feature, telecommunications system providers and other resellers can order remote access via a smartphone or a tablet (iOS and Android) for maintenance and configuration of the systems of all the clients.

For further details, feel free to contact ITAS AG at +49 371 560 040 or


ITAS AG was founded in 2014 as a special distributor for B2B enterprise solutions. The company's founders have over 20 years of experience at the ITC market. ITAS is an authorized Alcatel-Lucent distributor and also offers a wide support for the solutions. The company's key business lines are first-class support and development of cooperative innovative solutions at the market. For further information about ITAS and contact details, visit

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